36e8 – Interesting Italian Kitchen Design by Lago

36e8 Italian Kitchen Design

36e8 Italian Kitchen Design

Daniele Lago invitees everybody “to play their house”. The main idea of the kitchen is to have fun. 36e8 is for those who tired of serious or simple modern minimalist kitchen designs. Thanks to a assortment of modules that comes in variety of forms and lengths kitchen can become very interesting. It also could become endless storage solutions for every foodie out there. Kitchens could be made with extra-clear plate crystal supports, the bases can also be suspended and can extend into the middle of the room, creating the illusion of a floating counter.

The kitchen made with usual Italian style. Glossy colors and simple forms make it not just minimalistic but also fun and useful.

36e8 Interesting Kitchen Modules

36e8 Interesting Kitchen Modules






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