Dragon's Tail by Luisa De Los Santos Robinson

Dragon's Tail

Design by Filipino designer Luisa De Los Santos Robinson, a member from Movement 8 ( a consortium of Philippines' most innovative designers), Dragon's tail floor & hanging lamp is a result of glowing creations form of nostalgic childhood games and memories of dragon stories. An intertwining of simple materials with calculated execution.

Dragon's Tail Lamp

Luisa is an advocate of modernism and clean designs. She is nimble and prolific and her designs are marked by lightness and grace. She brings an air of unnerving aplomb to everything she creates. Her designs are mostly inspired by organic shapes and the different characteristics of the natural materials she chooses, and the end result is something so pure and simple yet totally unexpected. The lines she creates are clear and crisp so that even the materials of choice are a determining factor. Luisa puts emphasis on materiality, on the substance in design inherent in a material which leads to a synthesis of form and function, or an enhancement of both.

Dragon's Tail is currently produced by HIVE, a design and manufacturing facility where various designers can create objects for production under one roof.

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