3 New Modern Expandable Dining Tables from Hülsta Read more: http://www.digsdigs.com/3-new-modern-expandable-dining-tables-from-hulsta/#ixzz103p6dusL

Hülsta has presented its new range of dining room furniture and among it you could find 3 very attractive expandable dining tables. All of them are made in the minimalist style which is characteristic for this German company. These 3 modern tables have comfortable and very practical top constructions, which allow to easily expand them. The first model ET 1500 stands out from two others by its sculptural shape and original base. The base is quite big, but provides ample legroom. If you prefer more traditional dining tables with 4 legs then ET 1000 plus or ET 1400 could become a stylish centerpiece of your modern dining room. All these tables are available in various finishes so could suit for any interior design. Although they look the most effective in a natural wood finish. You could find more information on Hülsta site.


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  2. The color and design is nice but I don't think I would use it in my home ; I like bright colors...:D
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  3. I would disagree with William becuase I really like the design! home remodeling


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