Bang! I Shot The Lamp, Creative Lighting by Bitplay

Remember how several movies can turn lights by just clapping or giving orders? Well, if you think that’s awesome, then this lamp is really beyond freaking awesome. It’s way too god than just clapping or ordering by voice to deactivate the lamp. So what exactly can you do? You need to Bang! You need to shoot the lamp with a gun. This creative lamp by Bitplay doesn’t literally need to turn off by shooting and breaking the lamp, but instead of having a switch, the switch panel was transform into a gun. So you can simply shoot the lamp and the lampshade will move sideways. It’s really cool isn’t it? if you’re such an action movie freak that loves gun then you will love to have it in your bedroom.

Bang 2Bang 2

Bang Lamp 1Bang Lamp 1

Bang LampBang Lamp

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