Elic Modern Umbrella Stand by Tony Lanzilloe and Carlo Martinengo

Tony Lanzilloe and Carlo Martinengo are the creative designer behind this fashionable furniture inspiration of modern umbrella stand that they named as Elic.This practically umbrella stand ideas comes in beautiful shape reminds us of a great architectural building that was designed by Santiago Calatrava called Turning Torso. Elic is an original umbrella stand with two spaces, suitable for long and short umbrellas. The shallower space can become a roomy empty pocket. It is made from polyethylene produced by rotational moulding and is available in various colours.

The function of the umbrella stand was same with the older design, but the design was not same with the last design. Now, the designer was use clay as the main material of the stand. The design was inspired from the spiral design so that we will see the unique design of this umbrella stand. Honestly, the design of the umbrella stand was very attractive and can be a tool to show off modern and stylish personality from the owner.



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