Florida Beach House Design in Dawesville, Australia

Florida Beach House Design in Dawesville, Australia

This florida beach house design idea is a simple minimalist private residence located in Dawesville, Australia with a long side boundary providing northern orientation over the public open space, natural dunes and the sea to the west. This single-storey beach house was build with a minimum 20 degree pitched roof and constructed using conventional and economical materials. The single-storey building concept was applied to this house to gives a clear views of the properties behind. The easy way to maintain the flooring with its aesthetically look is the results of a polished concrete floor that was applied to this beach house flooring.

The comfortable interior atmosphere all year round at this house is obtained from the extensive glazed wall to the west, appropriate eaves overhang and excellent wall to opening ratio. A series of reconstituted limestone block piers stretch along the northern facade. Sliding past the front of the limestone blocks are seven large aluminium framed glass doors, that can be opened to take full advantage of the cool ocean winds.

Florida Beach House Design

Beach Houses In Florida

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