Home Tips Series: Cleaning The Porcelain

If your home floors are made from porcelain then the following tips will help you indeed. To get the best maximum result you can always use a citric acid. This is an organic substance and it’s safe to use. It’s better at home not to use those dangerous substances which can make bacteria and germs more resistant.

Staying organic is the best way. What you need to do is mix it with hot water and wipe it to that stained or dirty porcelain and leave it for 10 -15 minutes so that the stain can be removed. Brush it for a while and cleanse and now how does your porcelain look? Now have fun trying and beware don’t get into your eyes. Stay clean and stay organic.

Ceramic Porcelain (1)Ceramic Porcelain (1)

Ceramic Porcelain (2)Ceramic Porcelain (2)

Citric AcidCitric Acid

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