Interior Design’s Tips and Ideas Chapter II

Now as we promised you before, we’re now will begin with wall colors as our today’s topic of interior design’s tips and ideas.

White and cream colors are the most neutral color for walls in the living room. But we prefer that they’re used not just at living room but majority of the house. Why is that so? It is because on whatever furniture or accessory or even kitchen appliances in retro version, those colors are neutral and suitable for everything.
Lightings cannot be underestimated. Choosing the right lightings can be a decisive factor in creating an atmosphere. Sufficient lighting can create a comforting atmosphere. You can start using uplight and downlighting. The use of uplight usually to light a certain area like a niche found at your house interior, corner of an interesting wall or a statue. Downlight is the opposite of uplight and this kind of lighting is used to light up a painting and usually found in painting exhibition.

Usually at the market there’re two kinds of lamps, one with the clear crystal lighting and the classical white or yellow. Yellow or classical white as they called it can gives feeling of warmth and bring more of artistic interior design while the clear crystal white gives an atmosphere of clean and bright. Use them accordingly to your need.

When you’re at the kitchen, use a clean and bright sufficient lighting as this will prevent any injuries and can make you see well. In your bedroom try to use three kinds of lamps, they’re the bed lamp, reading lamp or side lamp and chandeliers. For the living room where it’s a place for socialization, we rather suggest that you use strip lighting for a modern minimalist interior and chandeliers for that classical interior and luxurious interior design. For the bathroom you can either use a lamp which isn’t too bright or too fade and add it with a fireplace if you’ve a Jacuzzi or bath tub.

Next issue we will bring you more on home decoration ideas and tips to beautify your house.

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