Rejuvenating Modern Bathroom Ideas

A bathroom is a place where you can rejuvenate and get that sweaty and sticky feeling off. For some people it’s a place where to mingle for a couple and a place to show off a bit. We love the open bathroom layout where there’s a walk in shower which is so stunning. The shower itself can rejuvenate your body from almost any direction and making you less stress and maybe stress free.

The clear glass panes at the shower shows a tremendous blend within the bathroom interior itself where it removes claustrophobic feeling when it’s enclosed. This modern bathroom idea incorporates with Jaclo’s newest Lumiere showerheads, Tondo and Quadro, and it also uses Jaclo luxury fixtures. So how do you like this bathroom for an idea?

Jaclo Dubai Rain ShowerJaclo Dubai Rain Shower

Jaclo Lumiere QuadroJaclo Lumiere Quadro

Jaclo Lumiere TondoJaclo Lumiere Tondo

Jaclo Shower BagJaclo Shower Bag

Jaclo Walkin ShowerJaclo Walkin Shower

Jaclo Dubai Rain ShowerJaclo Dubai Rain Shower

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