Artistic Atrium Glass Table Lamp From Pottery Barn

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Although it is not original idea, but I love it much. It is remains me about same project that crafting a very detailed ship inside the wine jug. These cool Atrium table lamp was designed by famous furniture manufacture Pottery Barn to decorate your home with artificial lighting. The Atrium Glass Table Lamp offers countless possibilities for filling with your favorite objects, and is just as striking when empty. What’s you like? Flower, letters, natural stone, even seed or sand will be nice artistic filling inside.

The measure is : 17” wide x 10? deep x 23.5? high with 3-way dimmer switch on socket. The shapely profiles of the Atrium lamp recall those of antique jugs. Separate the top half from the glass base to display small objects inside. Subtle bubbles and striations make each lamp unique. For you who love handblown clear glass, this awesome lighting will be unique collection. Comes with an ivory rectangular linen shade, the price is about $ 139. Visit Pottery Barn to detail information and shipping.

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