From Coffee to Sugar Jars Galore Designs

From Coffee to Sugar Jars Galore Designs

If you’re the kind of persons who spend hours finding new recipes and like cooking, then you will like these jar collection brought to you from us. It’s unique, fun and it’s not bold like your ordinary jars set. These jars galore comes from many different designers. There’s the fun and retro jars, sweet collection of the ceramic contemporary jars, cool techie jar designs, a set of country rustic one, old fashioned glass jars with hinged lids and boldly contemporary labels, cuties jars which are made of porcelain and have labels on their eyeballs for sugar, tea, and coffee, and there’s one with the comic strips design as well.

What goes the same in all these jars is the label written in it, ranging from coffee, tea, sugar and many other things. I wonder if there’s an electronic jar design, where the label can be change any time you’re putting something in it or maybe the jar can auto detect whatever being put in it and show the label on mini LCD at the front of it. Well I guess that will be in 2012, so please choose your favorite one.

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