Get Your Bathtub Shiny Again!

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Bathing and soaking yourself in a bathtub is definitely rejuvenating and refreshing as well as fun. But what happened as your bathtub gets dirty and changing colors, I’m sure you don’t want to use it no more and quickly getting rid of it. The next thing that comes in your mind is trying to buy a new bathtub from any style and designs. Just hold on as we have these great tips to make your bathtub shiny again. Pay attention closely.

1. Open that hot water of your for a few minutes on the dirty part found at your bathtub which is starting to get yellowish and slimy. This is done so for easy cleaning and that dirt can easily be removed.
2. Once you’ve done that, get salt from your kitchen and mixed it with turpentine. The next thing is rub that mixture on the surface of the dirty bathtub especially at that yellow spot. After you’ve done that you can wash it with clean water.
3. If the bathtub’s stain is hard to remove then you can always use orange or lemonade and mix it with hot water until it becomes a concentrate. Rub that concentrate of lemonade or orange into that stain and wash it with fresh water.
4. To keep a long lasting bathtub and clean then always try by filling it first with cold water. This is done to prevent any cracking at your bathtub.

Very easy isn’t it? Now you don’t need to worry your bathtub changing color and stain is easy and sleazy way to clean with our secret tips.

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