Interior Design’s Tips and Ideas Chapter I

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Interior designing isn’t just about sense and sensibility. From contemporary interior design, modern interior design, baroque interior design and classical interior, they’re all about art, creativity and logic. Here we’re going to give you several tips on what you can do in arranging your interior.

First we start from placing your furniture. Furniture placement is best to face something which is a focal point, for example facing the TV or garden at your house. We all know that furniture play an important role, furniture is also one of the elements which makes a room not empty and gives a certain atmosphere.
If you don’t know how to create a focal point, this can be achieved by choosing a wall to be cultivated. Wall can be a practical media in creating a certain feel and atmosphere. You can achieve this by putting on a rack on the open side of your wall where the design can adjust with the TV dock station. You can position it in the central wall and this will become the focus of everyone passing by.

Creating a niche or a hole at your wall is also a solution to make your wall a focal point. You can’t just leave your plain wall the way it is, creating a niche, or suspended one can be an attractive way. If you think the idea is too radical then you can always create an accessory or place an artwork like painting, fabrics to make a different kind of attraction.
Placing a different sofa in different shapes, colors and sizes from the other furniture which is already there can also become a focal point.
Create a false ceiling design, this is done so to create and differentiate between one room and the other room. You can use a drop ceiling technique and open ceiling which is made from glass to bring more natural light and feel light a spotlight brought into the living room.
We will be back for more tips next time on wall coloring and lightings and we will give you ideas how they can play an important role.

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