Modern House Design at West Seattle Residence by Lawrence Architecture

Modern House Design at West Seattle Residence by Lawrence Architecture

Modern home design inspiration with main base materials include steel, concrete and glass have been designed by Lawrence Architecture on view property with 3,800 SF of living space and a 925 SF detached garage in the West Seattle district of Seattle, Washington. A concrete wall up to twenty-four feet high organizes the site and the house: the garage, entry and service spaces are on the street side of the wall, while providing privacy for the main living space which is a curtain wall-enclosed pavilion.

The wall is also the organizing element for the circulation including the stairs with cantilevered steel treads. Supported on steel frames and triangular steel trusses, the roof swoops over the concrete wall capping the pavilion. Eight by sixteen foot sections of the curtain wall pivot for ventilation. The stair has demountable guardrails which are normally in place but were removed for the photographs.

The master bedroom is in a loft space above the kitchen, while a family room, media room, children’s bedrooms and bathrooms occupy the daylight basement level. There is additional living space above the garage accessible via stair or future elevator.

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