Modern Minimalist Japanese House Design at TH House by Baqueratta

Modern Minimalist Japanese House Design at TH House by Baqueratta

The immaculate residence here comes from Baqueratta and the name of the house is TH House. Baqueratta is an architecture firm which moves in designing minimalist homes and it’s located in Tokyo, Japan. The company only specialize in minimalist homes and this means the house will look modern. So how modern is the Japanese residential here? Well, let’s take a look. The front facade of this house looks simple and square. You can guess just by looking at the outside that this Japan’s modern residential architecture has a modern minimalist theme inside.

The exterior part we love is the use of blue colored windows which perhaps it works as an automatic sky light to give more light to some part of this house. We love the truly charming interior design in ascetic decorations and everything was kept minimalist and simple. Inside the house you can find a small minimalist inner garden next to the bedroom and along the hallway. It creates such a small oasis which is a common practice we’ve seen in modern home designs. With a sober feel towards the house, well maybe I’ve to noted this Japanese architecture house interior for my future house as it’s definitely looking minimalist, simple yet elegance.

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