Pendant Teelicht by Jan Bernstein

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It’s Clever idea, extraordinary pendant. This small light is made out of a classic cup from Arzberg (virgin White) and a pretty furry pull switch which reminds a bit of a teabag. Pendant Teelicht is designed by Jan Bernstein of 10 Liter Design.

Well, that might be a superficial reaction, but taking in consideration its one-of-a-kind design, Teelicht pendant makes me want to have fun. Made of a classic cup from Arzberg, it has a pull switch that has been made in the shape of a tea bag. Now, the light in its entirety is totally yummy and will look a stunner in a space above your table or your counter top in the kitchen. The lamp has a E14 metal socket for 25 Watt bulb and made of a 10 x 12 cm china cup. It’s retails for €65 ($82).

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