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Are you ever imagined flowers could be grown from a grenade that you throw into the ground? I think this is the latest innovation and the first time. Tony Minh Nguyen and Snowhome have designed flowers grenades for Suck UK. Do not assume that the grenade was real, because these flowers grenades made from clay. It’s the new guerrilla gardening technique with the 21st century power of flower grenades.

Great for use on sparsely soiled concrete jungles, the Flower Grenades are made of unfired clay that is packed with all kinds of wild flower seeds. Just aim your Grenade at that bit of soil and wait for the rain. The clay will break upon impact, and when it rains, the clay pieces will dissolve and the seeds will be watered. In a few months your guerrilla tactics will have paid off when the flowers sprout and bloom. It’s available in a pack of 3 for $18. [ link ]

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