NanaWall Folding Doors: A Contemporary Latest Folding Doors

Filed Under: Furniture NanaWall Folding Doors: A Contemporary Latest Folding Doors

If you are looking for the latest trend of contemporary doors, then The NanaWall must be in your list. These contemporary folding doors from NanaWall are incredibly cool, easy to operate and durable for sure. The NanaWall modern doors provide a great alternative to the traditional door.

Most of the great contemporary house always presenting folding door in their home. Why not at your home? This vanishing wall lets you bring the outdoors in and connect to nature while still offering essential protection from the elements. It will be great as bedroom exterior door to connect the beautifulness of your garden in, or swimming pool. It also great for any living room design.

The NanaWall is a series of collapsible pleated screen panels riding on a single 1/4″ high x 3/4″ wide floor track. Each four inch wide vertical cassette can expand to 3′ of reinforced pleated screen. Multiple panels are connected to create very wide screened openings up to ten feet high with magnetically secured openings wherever desired. Take a tour at NanaWall for further information and purchase

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