Dining in The dunes and The North Sea at Pure C Modern Restaurant

Dining in The dunes and The North Sea at Pure C Modern Restaurant

Dining out in the restaurant is just more than just appetizers, main course and beverages. It’s also more than just the restaurant atmosphere. For some people dining in restaurant also about vista, it’s not the vista inside the restaurant but more over the scenic view outside the restaurant. I’m sure anyone will be delightful with natural appetizer given by this restaurant.

The Pure C bar and restaurant in Cadzand-Bad, Netherlands is created by Lieven Musschoot, the restaurant designed with such sensuality insight but on the other hand the restaurant interior able to create such relaxing atmosphere for family and friends. The dunes and the North Sea offer amazing view and you can enjoy this view at any part of the restaurant.

This modern restaurant interior can hold up to 180 persons in capacity and Pure C restaurant is divided into different zones where each comes in various designs and arrangements. The designers stated “At night the skylights have a golden shine from the gold-covered with circular discs of light fixtures.” A black stretch acoustic ceiling wrapped the restaurant into luxurious feeling while the black glass walls further define the space. It’s such tremendous oasis of relaxation in the middle of the restaurant.

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