Stripes Apartment Interior Design from Jean-Paul Gaultier

Stripes Apartment Interior Design from Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier is a French fashion designer. He shows his design house interior with full of stripes. It is situated in front of the eiffel tower, with amazing views over Paris .This interior design is very interesting, because it looks a bit crazy and monochromatic. It’s because of nautical stripes that are running through the apartment walls, floors and furniture.

Besides there are a garden and a doll rooms that also should be mentioned. The garden room is all covered with plants: ivy weaves into the sofa; lichen grows over the woven chairs in the shade of a tree, and moss, like green velvet, carpets the stone. The doll room is also the bedroom. Fabric unfolds on its walls and forms a powdery velum on the ceiling. The corset dress of a fairground doll becomes the bed’s giant quilt. In this room, lingerie, a lace that fishnets on the carpet and is mirrored in the window panes.

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